Red Racing Horses Discusses the 49A Endorsement Race

Daniel Surman from covers the Republican endorsement contests in Minnesota.  Here is what he had to say about the race in 49A:

"Edina is the poster child of once rock-red southwestern suburbs rapidly turning blue in Minnesota. Romney took only 46.6% of the vote here in 2012 (then state Rep. Keith Downey took 48% in the state Senate race). Octogenarian incumbent state Rep. Ron Erhardt (R then I now DFL) is running for re-election. While Erhardt is a darn good candidate for Democrats who outperformed his ticket in 2012 (mainly because of his prior tenure in this seat as a Republican), Republicans have two candidates running for the seat. The first is Polly Peterson Bowles, a one-time Miss Minnesota, former member of the Metropolitan Council under then-Gov. Arne Carlson (R?), and a 2012 candidate for the Republican endorsement. The other candidate is Dario Anselmo, who recently sold his cafe and decided to run for the seat. Anselmo raised a good deal of money out of the gate, $20,000 in 2013; Peterson Bowles has not yet reported any contributions. I have also been told, second-hand, that Anselmo is a fairly impressive speaker. I rate this race Lean Anselmo. The endorsing convention is March 15th."


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