Voting Early

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  • Vote Early by Mail
  • Vote Early in Person
  • Vote on Election Day
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Republican Moderates

J. Patrick Coolican talks about Dario and Republican Moderates in this StarTribune article.

MinnPost Covers Dario's Endorsement Win

 Cyndy Brucato covers Dario's endorsement win in this article for MinnPost.

Politics in Minnesota: "In Edina, a race to take on DFL's Erhardt"

"Dario Anselmo entered the race last month, and suddenly the dynamic has shifted. ...

[I]n less than a month of campaigning, he has reported raising $20,000 in donations and picked up support from some Edina Republican Party stalwarts.

His pitch is 'real world experience' -- as a small-business owner who started his first company in Edina and as a political moderate.

'I think it's OK to pay taxes as the price of a civil society,' Anselmo said. 'But high taxes and overregulation made it difficult to run the Fine Line. W