• Edina needs a Representative that will bring our community together.
  • We need to vigorously advocate for the important issues that affect our future: Education and Jobs


Economy (Jobs & Growth)

We need to find ways to grow our economy and keep people investing in Minnesota, not looking for ways to leave it.

  • As a small business owner, most recently as the owner of the Fine Line Music Café, I appreciate and understand the challenges faced by taxpayers
  • Lower personal and corporate taxes to grow the economy
  • Maintain a “Rainy day fund” from the current budget surplus
  • Find more export opportunities to utilize the great resources we have in Minnesota
  • Change the class warfare tone that currently exists within our leadership



Our knowledge based economy needs to catch up, and ideally exceed, that of our competition.

  • Increase teachers pay based on performance
  • Help lower economic tier families gain access to more opportunities
  • Find ways to keep the top tier families in the Edina Public School system
  • Work on ways to expand the economic impact value of the U of M
  • Find a solution to include all of Edina’s citizens in the school district
  • Look at shrinking the number of state wide school districts so more funds can be directed to the classroom


Health Care

This is an issue that affects everyone from the very beginning of their life until its end.  Having a system that insures good outcomes is extremely important.

  • We need a better solution than what Obama Care has promised us to address our growing health care challenges
  • MN Sure has shown that it may not be the best way to serve our community
  • Work to find more market driven solutions
  • There needs to be limits to what is provided for tax payer funded healthcare programs


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