Knowing first-hand that our economy is stronger without some of the nation’s heaviest taxes and regulations, I helped enact $1.4 billion in historic tax relief – benefiting seniors on Social Security, college graduates with student loan debt, local businesses, and families with child care expenses, among others. I also heard your concerns and led a bill to reduce red tape for small businesses, such as mortgage providers (HF3158).



As your representative, I’m proud to have authored the new law that finally gives Edina families top priority to send their children to Edina schools (HF1083). I co-authored the bill that provides a more than $1.3 billion increase, putting more money in every classroom, and secured $25 million for school safety improvements. Knowing post- secondary education’s key role in today’s economy, I also worked to secure $45 million for critically-needed asset preservation at the University of Minnesota (HF3351).



Protecting the environment remains a top priority, and I know that just pumping funds into bloated government bureaucracies is not the answer. I’m working toward practical solutions to protect our state’s natural resources. This past session, I led with a bill to protect our lakes and rivers by decreasing the amount of salt used on Minnesota roads. The bill (HF3577) passed the House, and I look forward to advancing it in 2019.


Transportation & Safety

Minnesotans depend on a solid – and safe – transportation infrastructure as a foundation for prosperity and fulfillment. I co-authored legislation to fund the I-494 Corridor Commission to address metro area congestion, helping people access commute alternatives. I also authored legislation to strengthen our state’s drunk driving laws – permanently revoking a license after five DWI convictions (HF3935).



All Minnesotans deserve access to quality healthcare. As Edina’s representative, I fought for a 25 percent premium reduction for Minnesotans hurt by skyrocketing individual market costs, as well as meaningful reforms to increase affordability, choice and access to health insurance. I also led legislation to save both lives and healthcare dollars through smoking cessation funding and Tobacco 21 efforts (HF3291, HF3532).



Seniors have been hit particularly hard by rising costs and taxes. As your representative, I helped pass legislation to give additional tax relief for seniors on Social Security and led funding to address food insecurity (HF1861), an issue disproportionately affecting seniors. I will continue to advocate for seniors, working to make it easier to save for long-term care and investing in research to tackle diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


Mental Health

With suicide on the rise across all ages, and the number one cause of gun-related deaths, mental health is an issue we can’t afford to ignore. This past session, I authored a provision to help prevent teen suicides, funding training for educators (HF3167). I’ll continue championing mental health, as I have for decades, focusing on issues including suicide prevention and access to services for all ages.