With my experience as a small business owner, I understand what it takes to grow the economy and create jobs, unlike many in St. Paul. I’ll work to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on Minnesota families, businesses and entrepreneurs and institute zero-based budgeting, so government programs must make their funding case every two years.



The most important investment we can make in our state’s future is a world-class education system. As the father of three in Edina Public Schools, I know the importance of making our great schools even better, while improving outcomes statewide. I’ll work to enable families to choose the best school for their children, including the opportunity to attend Edina Public Schools for every family in Edina.


Senior Citizens

As a son recently caring for his elderly father, I’ve seen how seniors have been hit especially hard by rising costs of living in Minnesota. I’ll work to protect seniors’ ability to age in place, fighting to keep income, property and estate taxes manageable; eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits; and make it easier to save for long-term care costs.


Environment & Energy

Being good stewards of our natural resources, while promoting energy independence, is a bi-partisan concern. I’ll invest in solutions to protect our state’s water quality and champion affordable energy solutions that work for Minnesota businesses, consumers and our environment — while encouraging American energy independence.



I believe Minnesotans know where they want to go and how they want to get there; it’s government’s responsibility to support those needs in the most cost-effective way possible. I’ll work to ensure the priorities of Minnesotans and our businesses are reflected in our state transportation funding — including roads, the lifeblood of our state’s economic prosperity.