Politics in Minnesota: "In Edina, a race to take on DFL's Erhardt"

"Dario Anselmo entered the race last month, and suddenly the dynamic has shifted. ...

[I]n less than a month of campaigning, he has reported raising $20,000 in donations and picked up support from some Edina Republican Party stalwarts.

His pitch is 'real world experience' -- as a small-business owner who started his first company in Edina and as a political moderate.

'I think it's OK to pay taxes as the price of a civil society,' Anselmo said. 'But high taxes and overregulation made it difficult to run the Fine Line. When the pendulum swings to far, you have to wonder what's going on.' ...

'The class warfare tone of Gov. [Mark] Dayton's last tax increases is really what's pushed me over the top,' he said. 'When you have the highest cost of doing business in the nation, it makes it tough to succeed.' ...

Anselmo impressed Laura Hemler with his 'energy, organization, and fundraising," the Edina resident said. The longtime GOP volunteer met Anselmo only a couple of weeks ago, but believes he is the district's best chance at reclaiming the seat from Erhardt, she said.

'I know the amount of work it takes to get elected,' she said. 'You need to have the hunger for it in your belly, and he does.'"



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