Thank You

I congratulate Rep. Ron Erhardt for winning re-election. I thank him for his long service to our community, and I wish him well.  The result is not what we wanted, but I'm proud of the campaign we ran. Both sides in this race were civil, substantive, and focused on doing what's best for Edina.

Our state and community face complex challenges, and our leaders need to keep turning down the heat and turning up the light so that we can solve them. I'd like to think that the way both sides conducted themselves in this race could serve as a model for the respectful, issues-based campaigning we need more of.

This campaign has been a tremendous effort. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in so many ways by dropping literature, waving a sign, writing a letter to the editor, putting up a lawn sign, writing a check, hosting a coffee, working on the campaign team, or voting for me.

I would like to especially thank my wife Jeanne and our 3 children. Your sacrifices and commitment to this campaign are so appreciated.

This is a special community and I'm proud to be a part of it, regardless of whether I'm the state representative. So tonight, rather than feeling sad at the outcome of a particular race, let's celebrate Edina and all of the things that make it such a wonderful place to live. Thank you.