Jobs & Economy - With my experience running businesses for decades, I understand what it takes to grow the economy and create jobs.  Rather than helping our state's economy, St. Paul has rolled out red tape that hinders job creation.  As Edina's Representative, I'll stand for pro-growth policies.

Education - As the father of three children in Edina Public Schools, I understand the importance of making our great schools even better while also improving outcomes for students across the state.  As Edina's Representative, I will help develop policies to ensure that our children are able to meet the demands of a global economy.

Environment - Like most Minnesotans, I actively enjoy spending time outdoors.  Edina is home to some of Minnesota's finest parks, lakes, and creeks.  As Edina's Representative, I will promote sensible legislation to preserve these resources and work with organizations that do the same.

Senior Citizens - I know that property tax increases and rising healthcare costs are harming seniors across the state.  As Edina's Representative, I'll provide better leadership for our community's seniors.

Healthcare - All Minnesotans deserve access to affordable healthcare.  As Edina's Representative, I will chart a course towards improving the current healthcare market and the troubled MNsure system so that Minnesotans enjoy choice, quality care, and affordability.


I ask for your support. Key ways to join the team: 

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Sincerely, Dario



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