Dario Anselmo Raises $80,829 in Cash Receipts in Campaign to Represent Minnesota House District 49A (Edina)

Edina, MN – Dario Anselmo’s campaign to represent District 49A (Edina) in the State Legislature has brought in total cash receipts of $80,829 for the period ending July 21, 2014, as detailed in the report the campaign submitted yesterday to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. In-kind contributions during that period amounted to $2,990 for a total raised of $83,819.

Says Anselmo, “To raise this amount, I called every single person I’d met in my 30 years of business experience, 20 years of community service, and 10 years of working on education issues, and asked them to support my campaign to offer Edina better leadership. I’m honored and grateful that my friends, neighbors, and fellow residents have demonstrated such a strong commitment to my goals of creating more jobs, strengthening our healthcare system through competition, and improving schools for all.”

The fundraising total includes a $1,000 contribution from each of Dario Anselmo and his wife Jeanne Anselmo. There are no loans from any source. The vast majority of funds came from individual contributors: Anselmo raised only $425 from lobbyists and only $700 from political action committees. The campaign has spent $28,495 so far to win a competitive endorsement race and convey its message to the community. Cash balance at the end of the reporting period was $52,334. Bills in the amount of $6,575 had not yet come due by the end of the reporting period so are listed as “Unpaid Bills.”

Anselmo is a husband, father, involved member of the community, and businessman. He won the endorsement of the local Republican Party unit at its March 15 convention and is committed to unifying Edina’s residents around common-sense approaches to improving Edina and Minnesota.

Dario and Jeanne have lived in Edina for the past 15 years. Their three children attend Edina Public Schools. Anselmo was born in Duluth and raised in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Among other endeavors, Anselmo owned the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis for 19 years and has served on the boards of the Edina Education Fund and Edina Give and Go.

As Anselmo noted, “Our amazing community needs the best possible representative in St. Paul. As a small business owner, I'll grow the economy and create jobs. As the father of three children in Edina Public Schools, I'll make our great schools even better. As a citizen concerned about health care, I'll chart a better course towards fixing our system. And as a son of an elderly parent, I'll protect our seniors.”

For further information, please visit www.DarioAnselmo.com or call (612) 284-4232.


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