Family and Community

Dario Anselmo was born in Duluth and raised in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

He and his wife Jeanne have lived in Edina's Parkwood Knolls neighborhood for the past 15 years.

They have three children. All attend Edina Public Schools:  Valley View Middle School, South View Middle School, and Highlands Elementary.

Dario recognizes that our thriving public schools are essential for our great quality of life, so he's strengthened them by serving on the board of the Edina Education Fund and now on the board of Edina Give and Go.


Entrepreneur and Small Businessman

In addition to his family life and civic involvement, Dario is an entrepreneur and small businessman.

He started his first company at age 21. After selling it, he bought the Fine Line Music Café in downtown Minneapolis.

For the next 20 years, under Dario's leadership, the Fine Line became a thriving business and a cultural institution. As the Star Tribune reported when Dario sold the business in August 2013, Dario was "one of Minneapolis’ longest-operating club owners[.] . . . . Under his watch, the Fine Line hosted everyone from George Clinton to President Bill Clinton, including Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, the Pixies[.] . . . The club even survived a fire in 2003 (no one was hurt) . . . ."

That 2003 fire showcased Dario's leadership and foresight. The Fine Line won a national safety award for its preparedness. As the award citation read, "[T]he popular nightclub had a sprinkler system and kept abreast of club safety issues through monthly meetings chaired by club owner Dario Anselmo[.] . . . Without a doubt, The Fine Line Music Café, and its owner Mr. Anselmo, are two examples of the very best the US entertainment and facility management industries have to offer."

Sensing a need for better representation in government, Dario co-founded the Warehouse District Business Association in Minneapolis and served on the board of the Minneapolis Downtown Council for 12 years (from 2000 to 2012). Through those efforts he encouraged government to provide better public safety, lower taxes, and more growth opportunities.

Today, Dario seeks to draw on his background as a father, husband, Edina resident, advocate for our schools, entrepreneur, and businessman to represent Edina at the State House in St. Paul.


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