Dario Anselmo: A State Representative for All of Edina

In my short time in the state legislature I think I’ve seen the best and worst that Minnesota politics has to offer. I’ve been around long enough not to be shocked by any of it, but it has reinforced for me why I decided to run to be Edina’s state representative and why I am seeking your vote for reelection.

I wanted to serve as Edina’s state representative because I knew the job could be one that brought people together and got things done. If that meant working with my Republican colleagues to pass meaningful education funding and tax relief – that’s what I did. And if it meant working with Democrats on legislation to benefit the environment or advocating for sensible gun control – then I did that too.

Working across party lines isn’t just a talking point to me. Bringing people together isn’t just a campaign slogan to me. And Representing All of Edina isn’t just a nice thing say. All of those things are what I promised to do if elected, it’s the approach I took during my first term in the legislature, and it worked for Edina.

Most people don't care if you're “Red” or “Blue” or a Republican or a Democrat: I have friends and family who are both. People care about knowing the difference between right and wrong, and getting the things done that will continue to make Edina the best place in Minnesota to live, work and raise a family.

Mine has always been a “purple” campaign – a campaign that takes the best ideas from everyone. It’s a campaign that takes my 35 years of civic and business experience and get results for Edina. It’s a campaign that I hope appeals to what Abraham Lincoln called, “our better angels.” And it’s a campaign that is supported by people in Edina from across the political spectrum.

I hope I have earned your vote for reelection because, though we had a very successful first term for Edina, there is still much that I want to do. You helped me set an example of how a Minnesota state representative can put people and principles over partisan politics. If you send me back to St. Paul I will continue that work in a way that makes you proud.


Thank you.



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